Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment to The Environment

The big impact of a small footprint.

Though Spirit’s portfolio comprises many properties across the United States, we are a relatively small team who works to keep a small footprint. We do all we can to demonstrate our solid commitment to be responsible and conscientious in everything we do to both increase shareholder returns and make the communities in which we operate a better place to live and work. One way we make an impact is by partnering with tenants with strong ESG initiatives.


  • Green lease clauses are part of our form lease agreement (see our EMS below for more details)
  • Tenant outreach and engagement with respect to ESG initiatives
  • Green Lease Leaders, Silver award in 2022
  • Engagement with our real estate partners, including providing environmental training to our brokers

Environmental Efforts


As a net-lease real estate investment trust, our tenants are generally responsible for maintaining the buildings, including controlling their energy usage and the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices at each location.

While this dynamic doesn’t give us direct control over our properties, our goal is to partner with our tenants to define environmental opportunities. In fact, several of our tenants have strong ESG initiatives.

Environmental Management System

Spirit’s Environmental Management System (EMS) formalizes our company policy of implementing sound environmental practices throughout the business.

Through the EMS framework, we seek to be environmentally responsible and conscientious in everything that we do as we strive to both increase shareholder returns and make the communities in which we operate a better place to live and work. Our EMS touches upon several environmental considerations including our Plan-Do-Check-Act Framework, activities at our headquarters, activities within our portfolio and how we mitigate environmental risk.

Think Green Committee


“Think Green” is an employee group focused on helping Spirit make environmentally smart choices.

The committee is tasked with researching and implementing various methods of reducing our environmental impact and choosing at least one environmentally focused community service project or nonprofit organization to donate to each year.

Walking the Walk

In 2021, Spirit partnered with Groundwork Dallas on North Texas Giving Day to remove trash and debris from the Frasier Dam Recreational Area and Trinity River. As part of Spirit’s 2021 Giving Day, we presented Groundwork with a check for $20,000.

Being conscious of our environmental impact is just one component of Spirit’s ESG initiatives. Learn more about how we operate: