Account Management, Autopay & More

Manage Your Account with Versapay

With Spirit’s new online customer dashboard, you can handle every aspect of your tenant account online. No more worrying about late payments, fees or fraud.

  • Make safe and easy online payments
  • View invoices, statements and corresponding documentation
  • Communicate directly with your lease administrator
  • Apply outstanding credits on your account
  • Schedule autopay
  • Go paperless
  • Eliminate check fraud exposure (suffered by 70% of organizations in 2021)
  • Open disputes for invoices in question, and more!
Easy Online Tenant Payment System VersaPay | Spirit Realty

See how it works.

To understand Versapay, it helps to see it in action. Check out this brief, no-risk demonstration to see how Versapay can simplify account management and more.

Easy Online Tenant Payment VersaPay | Spirit Realty

Ready to get started?

  1. Access your Versapay customer dashboard by clicking the “Get Started” button below.
  2. Add a digital payment method.
  3. Select an outstanding statement and submit a payment.

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